A4 automation solutions
A4Automation is the ACM-e’s division dedicated to the conception, design and development of technological solutions for the automatic tracking.


PROFLOWTRACKER is the integrated solution for automatically detecting and collecting production and logistics data and for continuously monitoring and analyzing the trends of manufacturing lines and internal or external logistics. The solution is mainly based on the utilization of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology as a traceability tool along the entire reference supply chain.


SAFER is the solution for the management of workers’ safety, based on the use of RFID and BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technologies aimed at meeting the needs of three main processes: safety assurance, access control of people and vehicles in working areas, management of emergency evacuations.


MAINTRACKER is the turnkey solution, based on the utilization of RFID technology, to track maintenance interventions, keep inventory under control more quickly and asset lifecycle accurate traceability. MAINTRACKER’s main functions are: the management of inventory activities, the tracking of maintenance works performed on the assets, the elaboration of activities progress reports, the use of mobile applications also in offline mode. Moreover, the solution can be interfaced with existing CMMS or ERP systems.


SCANKEYS is a suite of modules, composed of hardware and software parts, able to meet the specific needs of customers operating in the security and surveillance sector. This is a system dedicated to the automation and certification of operations for handling keys decks and for detecting values transported by private security guards. SCANKEYS is based on RFID and BLE technologies, used in different phases of the management processes.

Asset integrity and O&M engineering

Engineering department’s main activities are the following: maintenance engineering in different industrial sectors, reliability centered maintenance (RCM), risk based inspection (RBI), implementation of key performance indicators (KPI), supply chain optimization, audit and benchmarking in O&M and energy fields, implementation of computerized maintenance management system (CMMS), implementation of business intelligence systems, training of technical-managerial staff, etc.

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