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Our firm was founded by a group of passionate and enthusiastic professionals  who believe that their various different skills in the IT and three-dimensional plant design sectors can contribute to the creation of software solutions which stand out because of their quality, skill and innovation. 3Units is a sales and management company located in Canton Ticino (CH) with branches in Bahrain and Sweden, we are the head of a consortium of companies for plant engineering and laser scanning activities; operationally we are characterized by extreme organizational flexibility, flexible working hours that can be adapted to the needs of the project, a reduction in time and costs which is reflected in the services and systems created.



Solutions for 3D modeling, stress analysis, laser scanning, digital twin and customized solutions.

Progettazione tridimensionale di impianti

Design of industrial and marine plants, stress analysis, FEM analysis, supports, structural checks, etc.

Ingegneria di manutenzione

Data and document management, RAM analysis, Operability e Maintainability, CMMS, RCM, Warehouse management, etc.

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Plant Engineering

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Analysis Engineering

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