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Our firm was founded by a group of passionate and enthusiastic professionals  who believe that their various different skills in the IT and three-dimensional plant design sectors can contribute to the creation of software solutions which stand out because of their quality, skill and innovation. 3Units is a sales and management company located in Canton Ticino (Switzerland), we collaborate with primary companies for plant engineering and laser scanning activities; operationally we are characterized by extreme organizational flexibility, flexible working hours that can be adapted to the needs of the project, a reduction in time and costs which is reflected in the services and systems created. Our staff is mainly composed of resources with more than twenty years of experience in the commercial and marketing sector, plant engineers, professionals in the field of maintenance engineering and software development. The sales department, in addition to being enriched by the important collaboration with Hexagon AB, world leader in the supply of software for infrastructure engineering, is mainly involved in: plant engineering and 3D modeling, analysis engineering, laser scanning activities and BIM design, project management and project control activities, software and services for digital automation, digital twin, maintenance engineering and asset management software and services, software solutions and services for productivity activities, logistic and port services. Our Company is registered at the Chamber of Commerce of the Canton Ticino.

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    Our firm’s residence in Chiasso (Switzerland), Via Stefano Franscini, 4. As the southernmost of Switzerland’s municipalities, Chiasso is located at the border with Italy, in front of Ponte Chiasso (a Frazione of Como, Italy). Historically, Chiasso and Boffalora were two distinct agricultural villages. Because of the presence of the nearby Italian border and customs office, and later as part of an access route to the St. Gotthard’s tunnel, the two villages merged and grew. Chiasso’s history and development were strongly influenced by its unique location. During its early history, a castle was built in Chiasso as part of the extended fortifications of the city of Como. Chiasso had become an independent community sometime before 1552. In the contemporary documents, it is mentioned as Clasio tabernarum (Chiasso of taverns) referring to its function as a transit point.

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