The main areas of training and assistance activities are as follows:
  • Hexagon 3D modeling and analysis software
  • Stress analysis and pressure vessels;
  • Thermal and mechanical design;
  • Technical Area: CMMS, KPI’s, RCM, maintenance;
  • Asset management – ISO 55000;
  • Security management – ISO 45001;
  • Quality management – ISO 9001;
  • Environment management – ISO 14001;
  • Project management and project control.


Technical area

  • Re-engineering of operations and maintenance processes
  • Improvement of the reliability and availability of the productive equipment
  • Optimization of preventive and predictive maintenance policies Optimization of warehouse and spare parts and logistics process
  • Implementation of ISO 50001 energy management systems
  • Energy audits (check-up, flash audit)


Integrated Management System

  • Quality Management (ISO 9001)
  • Safety Management (ISO 45001)
  • Environment Management (ISO 14001)
  • Asset Management (ISO 55001)
  • Energy Management (ISO 50001)
  • Maintenance Audit compliant with ISO 55001, UNI EN 15341, UNI EN 15628.


Asset management and asset integrity

  • Execution of due diligences
  • ABC multi-criteria classification of industrial equipment in relation to risk / productivity analysis
  • Processing of the technical data of a plant, including documentation and spare parts
  • Application of Reliability Center Maintenance (RCM), in accordance with the main technical regulations of reference
  • Application of Risk Based Inspection (RBI) and assessment of Fitness for Service (FFS), in accordance with API regulations, with verification of the integrity of the main process equipment
  • Application of Root Cause Analysis (RCA) for the identification and removal of the original causes of a fault, based mainly on 5 Why, Ishikawa and Pareto Diagram