Intergraph Engineering Environment Service

3Units is a competence center and a referral partner for Intergraph Engineering Environment Services (IEES); a value-added engineering service provider, whose aim is cutting down on project costs  and execution times. IEES serves as a reference point for EPIC (Engineering, Procurement, Installation & Construction) clients and owner operators on a global level. In addition to the ICT services currently offered by Intergraph Process and Power & Marine solutions, this new company provides value-added engineering services for the oil & gas, offshore & onshore, deep water drilling, shipping, energy & nuclear and infrastructure markets. We believe that protecting the environment is the first step to ensuring a more sustainable future. This is why the goal of our company is to offer targeted consulting and design services with the aim at reducing and monitoring water, soil, noise and air pollution problems by issuing certifications and compliance processes related to health, safety and the environment.


About us

In its portfolio, IEES provides a wide range of services including, among others, feasibility studies, plant infrastructure design, pre-commissioning, commissioning and decommissioning services, maintenance, risk, safety and inspections analysis, and environmental models and impact analysis. Our design services will be carried out using the most technologically advanced solutions offered by Intergraph, along with missing data reconstruction techniques and 3D Intergraph Smart™ models and documents. With our experts’ established experience and know-how in providing value-added design services, the Client will benefit from state-of-the-art technological solutions, missing data reconstruction techniques, 3D models and documents, and advanced laser scanning tools. From the initial design, to the procurement and construction phases and through to the technical monitoring of projects and on-site services, IEES is by your side to ensure the success of the project with the use of cutting-edge software aimed at improving the infrastructure on a global scale, while supporting both the global economy and the environment. Our cutting edge software solutions for the industry are used by professionals and corporations of all sizes for the design, construction, and management of roads and bridges, railways and transportation, water and wastewater, public works and services, buildings, campuses, and industrial structures.


Our services

One-of-a-kind pros of IEES Spa
  • Globalization of infrastructure
  • Group turnover adjusted to the size of the tenders
  • Flexibility and scalability of the IEES SpA model that allows us to always be competitive and offer our services to small, medium or large sized tenders alike.
  • Know-how, guaranteeing and overseeing the certification of the plant supply chain that include our certified partners.
  • Fast-engagement on projects & technical and commercial availability even during the “bid for bid” stages
  • Transparency and availability throughout every step of the project, including the negotiation phase with procurement
  • Flexibility during the execution phase
  • Full compliance to all requirements of the Code of Ethics
Typical Work Flow IEES Spa
  • Tender conducted jointly with our qualified and certified IEES Authorized
  • Engineering & Environmental Competence Centers, defined on the basis of the required and declared competences.
  • Project Management.
  • ICT, Engineering & Procurement.
  • Risk management, liability and guarantees.
  • Post order assistance.


Software solutions

In order to provide value-added engineering services, IEES employs state-of-the-art technological solutions, missing data reconstruction techniques, 3D models and documents, and laser scanning tools. On a global scale, it optimizes your workflow by taking advantage of the most innovative engineering software developed by Intergraph PP&M.

Reducing design time and increasing production efficiency

Smart™ 3D offers powerful rules and links to computerize repetitive tasks, set design standards, ensure design integrity, and overall protect design consistency. Large scale projects can benefit from enhanced support through global work-sharing, reuse of data models, and enforcement regulations focusing on safety and international standards.
Guaranteeing consistency and accuracy of design data
SmartPlant® Foundation is the comprehensive solution offered by Intergraph for plant data management. This tool provides secure access to plant data, including technical designs, vendor data, purchase orders, quotes, data sheets and ancillary documents.
Improving data quality and consistency across all production stages
The plant engineering solutions offered by Intergraph includes SmartPlant Instrumentation, P&ID and SmartPlant Electrical engineering tools. All of these engineering tools are AI and fully integrated – a change to the design in one area is automatically reflected in all linked objects, regardless of where the change occurs. It is designed to enhance plant optimization, reducing design errors to a minimum to cutting down on technical drawings release times.
Reducing material surpluses and shortages
Save valuable production time when building your plant with design tools SmartPlant Materials, SmartPlant Spoolgen® and SmartPlant Construction.
Streamlining your plant design validation processes
Integrating design and engineering processes to validate your plant design step by step, cutting down on valuable time and resources.