Our staff dedicated to the analysis and design of new systems and mobile apps has achieved its expertise in international reality and can offer their knowledge to create customized solutions in many industrial sectors.
The team is located in European locations and is coordinated by our manager through commonly used web technologies.
This type of organization allows us a high organizational flexibility, flexible working hours and adaptable to the needs of the project, a reduction in time and costs that is reflected in the services and systems implemented.


  • Big data: Designing large-volume data collection systems and analysing the necessary technologies
  • Analytics: Predictive maintenance
  • IOT: Remote sensors, data collection and storage
  • Business Intelligence: Corporate dashboard, KPIs
  • Data visualization: Data interactive display
  • Data warehousing: Corporate data warehouse implementation

Industrial applications

  • Equipment tagging: RFID, barcodes, mobile readers, etc.
  • Document management: Documents management system for Company or department;
  • Tool for inspection management: Automatic calculation;
  • Electronic modules: Electronic module for data input, etc.

System Integration

  • Data migration
  • System integration: System integration (ERP, finance, intranet, CMMS, CIMS, asset management, risk management, etc).